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secret treaties shall be binding on individuals,
organisations or communities. No orders in council
pr the like, which extend the application of a law,
shall be permitted. There is no source of law
but the people, and since life flows on constantly
to new citizens, no generation of the people can
in whole or in part surrender or delegate the
legislative power inherent in mankind.55
There, I think, is something that keener minds
than mine may polish into a working Declaration
which would in the most effective manner begin
that restoration of confidence of which the world
stands in need. Much of it might be better
phrased, but I think it embodies the general good-
will in mankind from pole to pole. It is certainly
what we all want for ourselves. It could be a
very potent instrument indeed in the present
phase of human affairs. It is necessary and it is
acceptable. Incorporate that in your peace
treaties and articles of federation, I would say,
and you will have a firm foundation, which will
continually grow firmer, for the fearless cosmo-
politan life of a new world order. You will
never get that order without some such document.
It is the missing key to endless contemporary
, difficulties.
And   if we3   the  virtuous   democracies,   are
not fighting for these common  human rights,
K                         145